How To Make Your Disney Dream Vacation A Reality...
...Even If You Are In Debt And Have No Vacation Fund Available.
I know it sounds crazy since Disney World is not high on the list of budget-friendly vacation destinations, but what if I told you that I’ve been able to go to Disney World ONCE a month for the last 3 years because of the money-saving strategies I’ve learned and perfected?
And no, I don’t live next door in Florida. I live in Kentucky! And no, I don’t have one baby. I have FOUR kids.
How To Make Your Disney Dream Vacation A Reality...
...Even If You Are In Debt And Have No Vacation Fund Available.
I know there are Moms and Dads all over who would LOVE to surprise their kids with the Disney Vacation of their dreams…
...On Christmas morning
...For a special birthday
...After a great school year
Or maybe, you remember your Disney vacation as a child, and have such fond memories….you want your children to experience the same joy and delight when they meet their favorite character or experience the wonder of fireworks and music by Cinderella’s Castle.
Some of you reading might not have kids at all, but are tired of waiting for your own childhood dreams of Disney World to come true. You want to go with your friends, your spouse, your co-workers...and just shut out the real world (which is often cruel) and escape.
It all sounds perfect...if it weren’t for the cost required to get there!
Most of us already know that at the end of our lives, we aren’t going to look back and regret creating these experiences and memories, but when you’re struggling with debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and trying to be responsible with your money, how is an expensive Disney vacation a smart choice?
You feel guilty.
You feel anxious.
You think “I should be saving, not planning.”
The whole thing becomes a stressful impossibility, and your true desires and wants….go back in the closet.

Well I have good news! You can take them out again, because I want to help you get there as many times as you want, without pawning off all your valuables to do it. 
About Me
My name is LJ, and I've traveled to Disney from my home in Kentucky over 36 times in 3 years, usually with my four kids (ages 8, 6, 4 and 1) in tow. It took some creativity to spend over 200 days at Disney on an income that is below the median.
Over the years, I learned how to find the RIGHT DEALS and the RIGHT OFFERS that allow me to travel to Disney once a month, and also upgrade my vacation to better resorts, better food, and better experiences.
As you can imagine, I had friends and neighbors asking me how I was doing this, and so after perfecting my strategies, I compiled it into a system to share with others.

This is a rinse and repeat system that WORKS, no matter where you live, how many kids you have, or your financial status. Once you do it once, you can repeat the process for yearly vacations or me!

Fast forward one year from today. You’ve gone to Disney at least one time. Your savings account is intact, bills are paid, and photos of your family on Splash Mountain and dancing in the parade are displayed on the fireplace. 
Your kids are in the living room busy planning the NEXT trip - customizing their magic bands and excitedly talking about the new attraction that’s about to open.

This time, you’re going with another family, just to experience the magic together.
How does that feel?
Do you get a surge of excitement? Feel the ideas start to race?
Good. Bottle that feeling up and stay with me, because guess what…
THAT can be YOUR reality.
Disney World
Within Reach
The Money-Saving System That Shows You How To Meet The Mouse And Make Magical Memories Without Breaking the Bank
Megan Held
"Disney World Within Reach has increased our Disney trips from a once a year or once every other year to multiple times a year."
“I procrastinated buying Disney World Within Reach because I wasn’t sure how much it could save me since we are experienced Disney savers, Disney Vacation Club Members and Annual Passholders

Well, boy am I glad that I did finally purchase it! We are flying for free for 3 separate upcoming trips because of the book (20 free flights altogether! 

I would hate to think about how much those would cost in cash!), and I now routinely save 16% or more on all Disney purchases (rooms, meals, snacks, souvenirs, etc.) 

There is nothing more magical than family time in Disney: I work full time, and run a side business so our family time is very important to us

And even with all I do, I found time to implement the strategies- they aren’t time consuming!” 
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Time to make your Dream Disney Vacation a reality!
Digital and Physical Versions Available: click here to view options.
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
You’ll learn how to:
Find free money in everyday spending
{even things like groceries can get you Disney cash...I’ll show you how}
Get the best deals on resorts, tickets, and food
{perfect for people who want to upgrade to better experiences on moderate level budgets}
Save for Disney without spending hours scouring for coupons
{because who has time for that?}
Strategies for Disney next week
{you can save money even if it’s a last minute trip}
How to save for your dream vacation when you don’t use credit cards
{If you’re cash only, I can still help you get your dream vacation!}
Unlike free deal sites that leave you sorting through hundreds of pages of outdated information (with ads everywhere you mistakenly click on) Disney Within Reach is a simple-to-use system that gives you what you need to know right now.
What’s Inside Disney World Within Reach
The Disney Within Reach System is available digitally and physically, so you get everything instantly! 
But if you're like me and you like something to hold on to while you learn, we've got you covered. 
In five minutes, you could be saving money for your dream vacation with the digital version, and then your beautiful paperback version will arrive in the mail soon!
Disney World Within Reach promises to help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next Disney vacation, guaranteed.
You'll receive:
The Disney World Within Reach Playbook
Everything you need to know about saving up for Disney is inside the playbook. You’ll learn things like:
  •  Bank perks
  •  Websites for deals 
  •  How to use gift cards (Think you know about this? Think again!) 
  •  Cash fast for airfare 
  •  Grocery stores and Disney 
  •  Big box stores and Disney 
  •  Annual savings strategies (even if you only go once a year) 
  •  Dining plan hacks 
  •  Travel hacks 
  •  Saving in less time 
  •  Saving when you don’t use credit cards 
  •  Saving when you’re traveling in a week 
  •  Military + Life savings 
...and so much more!
The Disney World Within Reach Workbook in Digital Form... so you can print (Or have me print it for you by upgrading at checkout.)
The Disney World Within Reach Workbook is over 60 pages of step-by-step help, sure to take the guesswork out of your budgeting and saving. You’ll be able to see in real time, how your savings are paying off, and getting you closer to the moment when you’re in front of the castle, Mickey ice cream in hand, watching the nightly fireworks.
BONUS: Disney World Within Reach Support Forum and Community
The support community is the 24/7/365 go-to resource for up to the minute questions and answers, plus deals and tricks moms and dads are using right now! Just this resource alone will help you save 3x more than what you will pay for it. Share your plans, your deals, and of course, ask questions!
 "A Facebook group as part of what I'm paying for? Can't I get in those for free?" Well, sure you can, but not like this one! 

We have software running around the clock to alert us to any EXTRA deals that are happening in the world. I take that information and run it through my once-a-month-for-three-years-Disney-savings brain and then report in the Facebook group about how those deals can be maximized for Disney savings.

And that's just MY input!

There are over 800 other members who are using the Disney World Within Reach System and can help answer any questions and give insight. It's become a community in the truest sense! I can't wait to get to know you inside.
Order Now!
Time to make your Dream Disney Vacation a reality!
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
The Disney World Within Reach Guarantee
For me, this system meant I could take my family to Disney once a month. For you, it might be different. But no matter what your goals and plans are, I guarantee Disney World Within Reach will save you at least 5x the cost of this system...just on your first trip alone.
Whether it means….
  •  Going once.
  •  Going multiple times a year. 
  •  Going sooner than you planned. 
  •  Deluxe instead of value. 
  •  Table Service instead of quick service.  
  •  Signature Meals instead of hamburgers.  
  •  Onsite instead of off.  
  •  Flying instead of driving. 
  •  Spending money in your pocket, instead of debt on your credit cards. 
Taking all your kids, instead of just choosing your favorite... Kidding...

Take a look at what others are saying about Disney World Within Reach...
"My trip would have cost me $6,139, but I actually paid $3,476 with the help of discounts and savings tricks from Disney World Within Reach. 

That's $2,663 off (43% off!) I am a full time working mom, with a high stress job and I still had plenty of time to do this and keep track to see what I was saving. 

I’m very pleased with the result and it made a Deluxe Resort (Animal Kingdom Lodge!) affordable!" - Jana Waters Hudson
“I am so thankful for the money saving tips I read in Disney World Within Reach. 

What I have loved most about the book is using these tips to make money on purchases I would have made anyway

So far I have EARNED $1,112.64 by using the methods in the book. 

I cannot wait to use the book's resort information and dining plan hacks when we get closer to our trip! Thank you so much LJ!! ” - Heather Carlson
“My husband is the numbers guy and, my goodness, he was so impressed with how it was all laid out for us! When it was all said and done, we saved $1,587.50, including $262.50 that we saved from a last-minute tip from the Facebook group.” - Amy DeVito
“I just booked my trip for next October and saved $691 with information from Chapter 13! It took 5 minutes!!! Thank you for putting so much great information together in one place!!!” - Renessa Troyer
The system is flexible enough to create a money-saving strategy that works for YOU
What people are talking about on Facebook...
Disney World Within Reach is the only money-saving program that is fully customizable to your situation. It’s time to abandon the “dream” of a Disney Vacation for the REAL thing!
If you’re ready to meet Mickey Mouse with a “Mini” Mouse impact on your pocketbook, The Disney World Within Reach System is ONLY available at this price, on this page, right here and now.

Now normally I sell this for $109, but this one-time, limited time offer gives you a chance to save nearly 50%.

There is only one thing in life that does not replenish. It’s not Money, as scarce as it feels sometimes (and trust me, I know!). Time is really the only thing in life we can’t get back.
Kids will be young once. Memories are the only way to preserve time in a way that keeps family bonds and traditions alive, long after the event has passed. Your dream of a Disney Vacation isn’t frivolous or a waste of money.

You don’t need to feel guilty or stressed. You should be able to go, when you want, and how you want. And I want to help you get there!

Crystallize those meaningful moments with your loved ones in a way that makes your family vacation memories last forever.
I’ll see you on the inside,
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Time to make your Dream Disney Vacation a reality!
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
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